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What our boerewors customers think

The Boerewors is outstanding. The flavour is rich and the texture is perfect. For my family and I it's a taste and smell of home! It's our favorite treat and our USA friends love the Boerie too! And, dealing with Popoma Foods is a delight.

Peter Dry

I’ve been buying boerewors from around the US and have finally found the best taste of home right here in St. Louis. Even my American friends have started ordering from Popoma after tasting it, where I serve it at every braai and make sure there is enough left over for boerie omelets the next morning. I’ve tried boerie from several delis in STL who have tried to make it, and at best they are boerie-ish brats. Popoma’s coils cook perfectly and taste amazing, and the customer service it top notch.  

Cate Redfern

Thanks to Popoma, we get to taste home away from home.  Their boerewors is absolutely delicious and brings back all the memories of growing up in South Africa. We always take some with us whenever we are cooking out or braaing with friends and family. 

Searle Sieff

High Quality Ingredients

With locally sourced produce, we take pride in every single thing that goes in our sausage. Boerewors (Afrikaans for “Farmers Sausage”) is an important part of Southern African cuisine. Free from artificial flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and added sugars. The ingredients consist of beef, pork, herbs, and spices that create a unique flavor that has been perfected over time to provide you with a grilling experience that will never disappoint.

Enjoy the Grill

Boerewors is only prepared and served in a spiral form. The meaning behind this, is for the entire family to come together and share the meal. This provides an opportunity for conversation, laughter and of course the experience of an amazing taste. Best prepared at medium-low heat until sausage is firm and brown.

Savor the Taste

Boerewors is the most versatile sausage on the market. Because of its unique spiral shape, there are many ways to enjoy its taste. Cut into smaller pieces and share with the family. Cut into bigger pieces and place it on a bun. Cook it in a pot of stew and add it on rice. Or the plain and simple way of just eating it as is. These are only just a few ways of preparing this amazing sausage. Our recipe blog will be coming soon. Please keep an eye out for it. 

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